Advanced UT Services

In addition to the development and producing of the innovative leading performance equipment, technologies, and solutions Sonotron NDT supports the customers providing advanced UT services for the inspection of
  • simple and complex geometry welds - carbon steel. CRA, other materials:
    • girth welds
    • longitudinal welds
    • spiral welds
    • straight and skewed (TKY) fillet welds with flat and curved members
    • corner welds with flat and curved members
    • nozzles welds
    • lap joints
    • open corner and edge joints
    • elbow welds

  • annular rings in the above ground storage tanks

  • tubes, shells, vessels base material (corrosion mapping, structure analysis)
  • pipe supports
  • flanges: flange face corrosion (FFC)
  • composite materials, components, and structures (CFRP, GFRP, honeycomb, etc)
  • rubber and rubber based coatings and lining
  • glass lining
  • rotor shafts

  • turbine blades

  • bearings
  • bridge hanger pins
  • bolts
  • railway axles and wheels
  • etc
using conventional, TOFD, Phased Array, SRUT GW, CHIME, Non-Linear Acoustics, Frequency Domain Signal Analysis techniques and combinations of them

The scope of services includes
  • development and validation of inspection procedures
  • development and manufacturing of the special calibration blocks and performance demonstration blocks
  • comprehensive training and field support for the inspection teams
  • maintenance, repair, and verification of the equipment
  • remote interpretation of the inspection results
  • etc
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